Friday, 10 May 2013

DVD Region Free Player Software Suggest For Android Users

DVD region free player software

I guess most Android users get a DVD player at home for movie enjoyment.But as the region limit,we can't play some DVDs.Now I would share a video for you to solve this problem.As I tried,Although it has to be paid for playing blu-ray disc,but it's totally free to play any DVD.By the way,except your damaged DVD.

Software Download Page:

Thursday, 2 May 2013

How to take screenshots on Android?

Android screenshot on how
We all get to know that you can take screenshots easily by pressing the power and home buttons together.Then you can locate the current screen saved under Camera Roll.Unlike iPhone,Most Android phone doesn't support to take screen directly,expect for the Android smartphone which runs on Android 4.0 offering a built-in way to take a good screenshot.But we have to get other ideas if you’re still using an older version of the Android operating system without rooting your phone.

Monday, 22 April 2013

How to unlock Android Phone When Forgot Lock Pattern or Password?

Android Smartphone enable us to lock our Phone in two ways(password and pattern) to protect our privacy.No matter which method you are using,it will be troublesome for you to unlock the phone if you can't remember the password or pattern.Now let's figure how to unlock your Android phone.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Top 3 Free DVD Ripper Help to Watch DVD on Your Android Tablet

You may be sure that there is no chance to watch DVD on Android Tablet since they get no DVD drive.Yes,but add some words,it would be more accurate.That is we can't watch DVD directly on Android tablets.But we can use some free DVD Ripper software to convert DVD to video,then put it into your tablets.This is definitely a good new who get large collections of DVD videos and want to back up or just lie on bed for some video enjoyments for relax on weekend.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

#DailyWallpaper 4.17 Android red carpet

Top 10 Rumors and News About 2013 Google I/O

Google I/O means Innovation in the Open,which is held every year since from 2008.As its official site says:
"Be inspired by the tech world's latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs to create simple, life-improving technologies and viable businesses among a rich and diverse community of cutting edge developers." Every time,it would give technology surprise for the world.You may check here what Google I/O showed last 5 years.
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