Thursday, 29 November 2012

Best All-in-One Android Smart Measure Tool For Daily Life

I can only find the calculator in my Android smarphone. But life is not just about math problems. I wish get some tools I can measure Length, distance, sound level meter. And use the compass to tell me the direction when I was lost if I go out for hiking with friends. Or there is a flashlight I can use to guide the way home when I go back late in night.I know I can download all these tools at Android at Google Play store.But Android smartphone doesn't move that smoothly after you install so many application.But now I find one application All-in-One measurement tool and would like to share here.

Smart tools is such an application for all I talked above. With it, you can do the following thing

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Nexus 10 vs iPad 4,Which One Do You Favor?

Thanksgiving day means the start of the shopping season.I am also planning a shopping list for this crazy shopping holiday. Actually I am more into electronic products. Like the coming Google Nexus 10(nexus 7 is already on sale at Google Play Store) and iPad 4. May be you are also stuck with which one to choose, so today let's have a tour with what's the difference between them.

nexus 10 vs iPad 4

Thursday, 22 November 2012

The First Brush Pack To Update Samsung Galaxy S I9000 For Android 4.2

Have you ever head of CyanogenMod which is the world's largest third-party compiler team for Android. The released Android 2.1 kernel CM5 Series ROM is widely used to promote third-party upgrade from Android 1.6 to Android 2.1 version.This team became the first to customize a stable 1.6 ROM which goes prior to Google for many Android phones.

As we know Google released Android 4.2 Jelly bean on Oct.30 this year, the new features like Gesture Typing,Smart Screen-Savers, Multi-user support ,you can visit Android official site or just click here to read for the detailed Android 4.2 new features.

So are you touched by the Android new features.And the good news is that @pawitp of CyanogenMod was working on the brush pack of Samsung Galaxy S I9000. And now the brush pack for Android 4.2 were released to download.

Friday, 16 November 2012

How to Watch DVD on Android Phone?

When you first read this title, you must think it's joking.Anyway,it is not a joke. I admit that we can not watch dvd directly on Android phone since Android phone don't get a DVD drive like the pc.And it's also too small to hold a DVD drive.But we love the DVD video quality which is much more clearer than normal videos. Now Thanksgiving festival is coming,some guys may want to collect some thanksgiving movie to have fun.Some old memorable movies are worthy watching. If you just get the DVDs of these movies, you can put it into the DVD player to enjoy with the family.But if you want to watch it on your time or you want to share with your friends, it's not convenient to take with the DVD.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Top Android Apps You Need On ThanksGiving Day

Thanksgiving Wallpaper

As you can tell from this pic,the exciting Thanksgiving day is approaching, it will be on next Thursday(2012.11.22).Who don't know when is thanksgiving must have idea now.I guess a lot people are looking forward for this festival.For thanks giving day, we can have two days off for the family together.May be some family are preparing thanksgiving recipes for the family members, something like turkey,Pumpkin pie,Baked mashed potato etc.Now let's stop imagine it, it will hurt our stomach's felling.Also the big discount goods are waiting for you.Okay, let's move back to our Android handset,let decorate it to welcome the coming of thanks giving day.

Friday, 9 November 2012

A New Way to Contact With "WeChat"

chat apps

We do get a lot ways to communicate with our friends on our smartphone by installing some chat apps like MSN,ICQ,Sype,Yahoo!Messenger etc.We can use it to surf the web,send text or make a voice/video chat while we are chatting with our friends or family.It seems that they all satisfy our needs for daily communication needs.And this kind of Apps seems don’t have much feature to extend. At least we think so. 

But it is not short of innovation guy in the technology field.We are surprised by technic guys’s intelligent when facing different digital device in the market.Just for example,the iPhone,windows phone 8,Samsung Galaxy series.These digital device rich our palm life and make out life more connivent. Well,it seems that I am going to run away from my topic which I am going to talk about today.Let’s back to the communication apps topic.

As you are approaching the listed chat apps,you may not you can send your voice like send message to your contacts, which seems like the voice mail.There is such a chat app,you can chat like this in addition to the traditional features.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tips And Tricks on Android Security To Keep Away From the Android Malware

When We download all kinds of Apps for our Android smartphone, and enjoy what these apps bring us,have you ever consider you are probably in risk? And what’s more, a new report from Kaspersky Labs stated that if you are still running on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread, You might want to watch your back carefully when it comes to malware.Android 2.3 version gets the largest users among other android version,so there is no doubt that it is the first choice to be attacked.The second attack target goes to Android 4.0.New versions of Android have a lot less to worry about.

You may wonder why and how. Now let’s make it sound sense.According to a survey by Bit9,72 percent of all Android apps in the Google Play market request access to at least one potentially risky permission. For example, 42 percent request access to GPS location data, 31 percent want access to phone number and phone call history, and 26 percent ask for permission to access personal information. Bit9 discovered 285 apps that use 25 or more system permissions.

Monday, 5 November 2012

What Google Provide For Android Phone?

We do see varies of Android Apps at Google Play store.And May be you are puzzled which one to choose that is best for you. If so, why don’t take a tour at Google products for Android.For google Android products, you don’t have to worry about the security problem and can enjoy the better experience in generalcy.So let’s start to see what Google provide for Android smartphone.

1 Google Search
Google is the largest search engine in the world.And it provides satisfying search results.You have no reason that you don’t want to use it.If you are lost in a travel, then it’s a good choice to search where you are and escape from the situation.

Friday, 2 November 2012

How To Use 360-degree panoramas For Android Phone

As we know Google released its Android 4.2 (jelly bean)on its official blog Oct 30,2012.Most of you must be impressed with the Android 4.2 new features.But what’s a pity is that We can’t update to the latest Android version,.One reason is the configuration requirements,some Android phone can run on Android 4.2 perfectly, which means it can’t perform some features or can’t perform well.For some phone manufacture reason, we have to wait.

Now there is a good news, we can use the Photo Sphere on different Android versions.Let's first see how Photo Sphere, the new camera perfrom on Nexus 4:
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