Friday, 9 November 2012

A New Way to Contact With "WeChat"

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We do get a lot ways to communicate with our friends on our smartphone by installing some chat apps like MSN,ICQ,Sype,Yahoo!Messenger etc.We can use it to surf the web,send text or make a voice/video chat while we are chatting with our friends or family.It seems that they all satisfy our needs for daily communication needs.And this kind of Apps seems don’t have much feature to extend. At least we think so. 

But it is not short of innovation guy in the technology field.We are surprised by technic guys’s intelligent when facing different digital device in the market.Just for example,the iPhone,windows phone 8,Samsung Galaxy series.These digital device rich our palm life and make out life more connivent. Well,it seems that I am going to run away from my topic which I am going to talk about today.Let’s back to the communication apps topic.

As you are approaching the listed chat apps,you may not you can send your voice like send message to your contacts, which seems like the voice mail.There is such a chat app,you can chat like this in addition to the traditional features.

Let’s take a look at the following pictures for what features the wechat app gets:

1 Drift Bottle

2 Emoticons

 3 Facebook connect
 3 Group Chat
4 look Around

5  Shake

6 Voice Messaging

Now a lot friends around me are using this app.It’s good to hear the voice from our friends or family members.I think you will be happier to receive voice message than text message.If you are not convenient to make a call and want to have your voice heard, then Wechat is a good voice.

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