Friday, 29 June 2012

Top 5 Android Media Players

In the last few years, with our mobile phones becoming more powerful and packing a lot more features, a lot of other products such as point-and-shoot cameras and mp3 players are slowly becoming redundant. This is especially true in the case of our media requirements. With the ability to view HD quality videos and movies, and listen to high-quality audio either from our own playlists, or via internet radio, for a lot of us, our smartphones have primarily become media devices.
In most cases, the stock media players on devices are more than satisfactory. But sometimes, there are certain user requirements and features, that require us to look at third-party resources to meet out needs. Today, we take a look at some of best Android media players available at the Google Play Store.

DoubleTwist Media Player

DoubeTwist is your one stop solution for all your media requirements including music, videos, internet radio, and podcasts. Features of this app include:
  • Ability to sync music to your phone either via USB or using wirelessly using AirSync(premium feature)
  • Subscription to podcasts without requiring a podcast. New episodes are downloaded directly over 3G/4G or WiFi.
  •  Smart playlists
  • Ability to stream music, videos, and photos to devices such as Xbox, PS3, Sonos, and Apple TV.
DoubleTwist is a free download, but features such as AirSync are available through in-app purchasing. You can find DoubleTwist on the Google Play Store.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Google I/O: Android Jelly Bean and Nexus devices

Google's annual developer conference, Google I/O, is in its fifth year. Last year, the company announced 100 million Android devices were activated. This year, it's 400 million, with over 1 million activations a day. Besides the huge numbers, the company announced three major highlights, including an update to its mobile operating system in the form of Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, which comes with a virtual assistant similar to Apple's Siri (but different, of course).

The company also made much ado about a new Nexus-branded tablet made by Asus as well as a new Android-powered entertainment system called Nexus Q. Here's a quick summary of the highlights:

Jelly Bean

Meet Jelly Bean, the update of the Mountain View-based company's Android operating system. Following in the footsteps of Eclair, Froyo and Gingerbread, the update doesn't bump the OS version number up to 5.0--instead, Jelly Bean is Android 4.1. It will be available in mid-July over the air for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus Sand Motorola Xoom. If you have a non-stock device, you would have to wait for your manufacturer to roll out the update.

                                          Project Butter
The 4.1 update brings about a whole bunch of new features, including Project Butter, a performance-based enhancement to make the phone experience smooth (like butter). It uses VSync and Triple Buffering to enhance the touch responsiveness.

Jelly Bean also tweaks the Widget adding experience--it will automatically move apps around to make it easy for you to place it, and will resize itself to fit the available space if it is too big.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Best Cool Android Apps

Here are the top productivity tools, utilities, and games for smartphones based on Google's Android OS. If you're looking for multiplatform apps or titles exclusive to BlackBerry or iPhone, turn to the other articles in this package.Productivity Tools

Check your head: In the Thinking Space "mind-mapping" app, you can create maps to connect thoughts and ideas. It's great for organizing and for forming new concepts. Ad-supported free version, $4 premium version

Manage your files: Astro File Manager makes your phone act as a miniature PC. You can copy/move/rename files, back up apps, send files as attachments, and create compressed files. Ad-supported free version, $4 premium version

Handle tasks wisely: The GTasks task manager syncs with the desktop Google Tasks, which you can also access in the Web version of Gmail and Google Calendar. It's so useful, it should be in­­cluded on every Android phone. Free

Box’s OneCloud comes to Android

Enterprise-centric cloud storage provider Box has announced a key enhancement to its growing OneCloud platform – Android support. OneCloud is a feature that allows users to keep their Box files synced even when they’re using third-party apps. A whole slew of ANdroid app providers are compatible with the service, making Box differentiated from its more noteworthy competitors.

“Android is huge for us. Growing our platform is one of the most important aspects of our company now,” said Box VP of platform Chris Yeh in a VentureBeat interview. It only took a few months to take OneCloud from iOs to Android. There are dozens of apps that now support the feature. The goal is that when users edit a document using some sort of Office or PDF app on their phone, those edits will be automatically stored to the user’s Box account.
For a while, Box struggled to find its voice against the titan of cloud storage, Dropbox. It faced even more competition when much stronger brands like Google and Amazon entered the cloud storage arena. So Box has decided to hone in on the niche of enterprise customers. It wants to be user-friendly to companies that may have dozens of employees accessing a single account, as opposed to the more individual user-focused platforms like Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, and Google.

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Upcoming Pinterest App for Android Might Unleash at Google IO

An upcoming Pinterest app might be unveiled at the Google I/O developers conference this coming June 27 to 29. Pinterest is arguably one of the most popular networks online, but it is noticeably missing on Android-based devices.
Alternatives are available for users of Android devices who wish to collect online content then share it to their network of friends or send content to Pinterest. A search for Pinterest on Google Play gives the following results: Pin My Photo, Gallery+ for Pinterest, SpinPicks Free, Pinterfetch, Wondershare PowerCam, Photo Uploader for Pinterest, among others. While these apps do provide some Pinterest-related features, some feel that a dedicated and official Pinterest app would still be much appreciated.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Android 5 Jelly Bean: I Say Innovation, You Say Fragmentation...

Summary: A new version of Google’s Android mobile OS is expected to be unveiled at the Google I/O conference in late June. Will that leave developers or enterprises wanting to call the whole thing off?

Ah, June. The beginning of summer, when the kids are finally released from school, and Gadgets are finally released from the Purgatory between Digitimes Taiwan rumor and Midwestern Best Buy store shelf.

The hottest gadget rumor, lately even hotter than the iPhone 5, and wayyy hotter than thequickly-dismissed Facebook phone, is the Google Nexus tablet. This would be Google’s second attempt at mobile hardware - its Google Nexus smartphone was a non-starter. It will allegedly be built by Asus, not Google’s recently-swallowed Motorola Mobility, and run Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 chipset. It will be 7 inches, cost a Kindle-matching $200 and be the debut of the latest Android update, version 5.0, aka Jelly Bean.

For consumers, Jelly Bean should indeed be sweet. Rumors say goodies include a Siri-like voice assistant, Google’s suddenly market-leading Chrome Web browser, better touch keyboard, more integration with Google services and more tablet-specific features.

For enterprises, rumored features they would care about include the ability to run on laptops (and possibly even dual-boot with Microsoft Windows), a file system, increased protection from malware, including the dumping of Adobe’s already-dying mobile Flash player.

The other good news for enterprises is that Jelly Bean heralds a new era wherein Google will only release one major Android update per year.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Watch 2012 UEFA Euro on our smartphone

For this summer, football fans can't miss one thing, that's the European Football Championship(UEFA European Championship). It help every four years at european. The 2012 UEFA European Championship is held by Poland and Ukraine. If you are citizen from these two countries, you are lucky to watch this on the spot. It starts from 2, june, and ends at 2 July. 

             Oceana - Endless Summer (Official Video UEFA EURO 2012) 

We can see people all over the world are excited about this big football event. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

You will fell interested with these best funny android games

1 Dungeon & Fighter/Dungeon Fighter Online

When you are on the bus or subway, tired or exhausted from the job, you can just take out your smartphone to find many good games when you want. Games really drive away your boring mood. Today, I’d like introduce four excellent android games for you when you are on/off the job.

Dungeon Fighter Online is a free 2D game which are developed by NEOPLE in korea.<Dungeon Fighter – sharpshooter> is the android version game developed by Neople form <Dungeon Fighter>. This game not only contains the original story, but also show the straightforward skill and fight features.


Recommonded reason: frame is rough, but it seems it is a game! It’s easy to play this game, DNF fans can’t miss it.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Android and iOS app helps you get more from your battery

Summary: Carat has been developed by a team of scientists from the UC Berkeley electrical engineering and computer science department’s Algorithms, Machines, and People Laboratory (AMP Lab).

Don’t you wish there was an app that you could download to your iOS or Android device that could actually help you get more from your built-in battery? Now there is.

Called Carat, this is the first app that can give you personalized battery life-saving recommendations. The app works by collecting metrics from your device and periodically sending them to the cloud in anonymized form.
There they are combined with data collected from other users and what’s described as “cutting-edge algorithms” are used to number-crunch the data and come up with personalized steps to help you use less power.
Carat will tell you which apps are battery hogs, and which are bugs — which also use up a lot of battery. Being a hog or a bug does not make an app ‘bad’, but a user trying to improve their battery life can use these designations to adjust their behavior.
And before you start thinking that Carat is itself be a battery hog, it’s worth bearing in mind that it doesn’t need to run continuously in the background. You just have to run it periodically so it can send the data back to the servers and generate personalized recommendations for your particular device.
Nothing that is collected identifies you personally.
Carat has been developed by a team of scientists from the UC Berkeley electrical engineering and computer science department’s Algorithms, Machines, and People Laboratory (AMP Lab).
The app is free and available both for iOS and Android devices.
If this app doesn’t allow you to get satisfactory battery life out of your iOS device then I’ve compiled a list of battery saving tips that are guaranteed to help you squeeze precious minutes out of your device.
These tips work for both the iPhone and the iPad.
iPhone/iOS 5 battery saver tips (Gallery)


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Best apps for Android on travel, social network, dining

CNET's list of the best apps for Android includes well-known classics as well as some downloads we've plucked from obscurity. All of them, though, have been tried and tested by our editors and come highly recommended. With apps to help you with everything from productivity to shopping, we're confident that our list can be both a great reference for experienced Android users and a perfect starter kit for anyone new to the Android ecosystem.

Social networking

Share photos, update your status, tweet, or hang out. Whether you're jumping waist-deep or dipping only your big toe into the social space, these apps are must-haves.

  • Facebook for Android

    Facebook for Android

    The official Facebook for Android app is undoubtedly the best way to view Facebook on your Android. The overhauled app (which now closely resembles the iPhone version) offers a clean interface with a sliding navigation panel on the left. Meanwhile, the most-used buttons -- Friend Requests, Messages, and Notifications -- are right there at the top of the screen. This means you can respond to friends without having to leave the screen you're on. Read full review

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Insta-growth: Facebook purchase, Android app up Instagram uniques

Instagram Facebook

A month after two of its two most important moments -- its jump to Android and its acquisition by Facebook -- Instagram has already reaped some of the rewards, seeing its number of unique visitors grow by 78%.
The dramatic gain in traffic placed the little photo filtering mobile app at the top of the web for growth in April, according to ComScore Inc., which released the statistics Thursday. 

2012 top 10 android games apps for free at google play store

Angry Birds
 Angry Birds

Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs' fortresses!
The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ fortresses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each of the over 300 levels requires logic, skill, and force to solve.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Android outsells iOS, but developers stay loyal to Apple


Smartphones running Google's Android operating system outsell iPhones more than two to one. And yet, even as Google's system has gobbled up market share, Apple has held onto one critical advantage - the loyalty of mobile app developers.

Many developers have continued to make applications first, and sometimes only, for iPhones. They find it easier to create software for Apple devices than for ones running Android, or it may be more lucrative. Their allegiance to Apple has helped make its devices the powerhouses they are for the company.

"Android may have a lead in how many handsets it ships, but it doesn't have a lead in how much money app developers are making from it," said Hadi Partovi, an investor in technology start-ups like Dropbox and a former manager at Microsoft.

On Monday, Apple will seek to strengthen its ties to mobile developers with a series of product announcements on the opening day of its developer conference in San Francisco, an annual ritual where the company tries to stimulate the creative juices of this important constituency. The company is expected to introduce a new version of the iOS operating system that powers iPhones and iPads, according to people familiar with Apple's plans who were not authorized to speak about them publicly.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

iOS still tops Android with app developers


Despite Android's greater share of the smartphone market, Apple's iOS continues to attract greater support from app developers.
Nearly seven of every 10 apps being created in the first quarter of 2012 were for the iOS platform, with the remaining three going to Android, according to new data released today by research firm Flurry Analytics. iOS generates twice as many apps as Android despite Google's mobile operating system commanding 50.8 percent of the smartphone market compared with Apple's 31.4 percent, according to ComScore data release last week.
One key reason for Apple's popularity with developers is its dominance in the tablet market. Apple's iPad accounted for 88 percent of all tablet user sessions in the first five months of 2012, followed by Samsung's Galaxy Tab with 9 percent and Amazon's Kindle Fire with 3 percent.
App authors can also expect a greater payout from iOS compared with Android, with Apple's mobile operating system delivering developers four times the revenue as their Android counterpart per user, Flurry found.
"At the end of the day, developers run businesses, and businesses seek out markets where revenue opportunities are highest and the cost of building and distributing is lowest," Flurry said in its findings. "In short, Android delivers less gain and more pain than iOS, which we believe is the key reason 7 out of every 10 apps built in the new economy are for iOS instead of Android."
(Credit: Flurry Analytics)
Another contributing factor to developer disparity is fragmentation in software and hardware, which Flurry said appears to be increasing, making Google's platform more complex and costly for developers. The study notes that 17 of the top 20 Android devices in May 2012 had a share of 6 percent or less in consumer application sessions, meaning that each additional device supported by developers will deliver only a small increase in distribution.
Firmware is also a stumbling point, with Gingerbread, the third newest Android version, commanding 70 percent of user sessions, while newer versions Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich combined register on 11 percent of market penetration.
"This means that the majority of consumers are running on an Android operating system that is three to four iterations old," Flurry said.

What is the best tablet computers from android tablet ipad 3 kindle fire ?

Google's Android mobile OS is considered one of the best alternatives to Apple's iOS when it comes to smartphones and tablet computers. Unlike Apple's closed system of hardware and software, the open-source nature of Google's Android OS makes it inviting for many hardware manufacturers to try their hand at making an Android-based device. That said, it's a system that has been slow to bear fruit when it comes to viable competitors to the Apple iPad

The following tablets represent the highest-rated Android-based tablets currently available.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime (32GB, gray)

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (16GB)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 


The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc., primarily as a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, apps and web content. Its size and weight fall between those of contemporary smartphones and laptop computers. The iPad runs on iOS, the same operating system used on Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone, and can run its own applications as well as iPhone applications. Without modification or a developer certificate, the iPad will only run programs approved by Apple and distributed via the Apple App Store (with the exception of programs that run inside the iPad's web browser).

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Verizon's Motorola Xoom gets Android 4.0 update


                                      Verizon's Motorola Xoom is now upgradable to Android 4.0.

A few weeks ago, we reported that two Verizon products, the Motorola Xoom and the HTC Rezound, would soon be slated for an Android 4.0 update. Lo and behold, it's happening -- at least for the Xoom anyway.

Customers on the Big Red are now able to update their tablets (which won our CES Best of Show title in 2011) to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

New features include the Roboto system font, panoramic shooting, e-mail search, the capability to save Web pages for offline reading, and a photo editor integrated in the Gallery app.
In addition, improvements have been made to quicken the response time for screen rotations, there are more video editing effects, and you can now launch the camera from the lock screen.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Video Editing Software Review

Video cameras have been around for decades, but it's become increasingly common to have a video camera. Most cell phones come with video capabilities, giving you the perfect opportunity to capture the moment. Now the real question is: what should you do with all your video files and photos? Simple. Video editing software is the perfect way to compile all of your videos and photos, edit professional home videos and distribute the movies to friends and family.

We looked for the best video editing software available on the market. We looked at the three stages of video creation which are import, edit and export. With these three steps in mind, we evaluated and reviewed a long list of products and narrowed it down to our top choices. Our top three picks for video editing software are CyberLink PowerDirector, Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 and Adobe Premiere Elements. For more information, check out ourarticles on video editing.

Video Editing Software: What to Look For

When you are when you are looking for the perfect video software there are three main aspects to consider: import abilities, editing features and export options. Each of these elements is important for creating and sharing professional-looking videos, so we looked for products that include tools and features to address these needs. To ensure we recommend only video editing software that has all the features you need in an easy-to-use interface, these are the criteria we used to review each product:

Monday, 4 June 2012

How to Get New Android Market Place – Download Apk

      Sometimes small small updates brings a smile for all of the mobile users. Be it a firmware update or any news about an update is just like a spark and we really feel to experience the same as soon as possible and possibly before its made public. We have seen with the Google Plus invites and now with another such thing that is with an all new Android Market Place which has just now got a face lift. Though the last update for the Android Market Place was a mere cosmetic change with a new interface which was not that major but now the new update for the Android Market Place is really refreshing and is much more appealing than ever before. So, in the due course of the article we will see on how you can update your phone so that you will get to use the new Android Market Place even before your friend or fellow Android user gets the same. You can also see that the Android Market Place has also got an all new icon which can be seen in the screen shot below.

                        Home Screen

Though this update for the Android Market Place is in the beta stages, and is pushed as a final version in some select parts of US, we will tell you on how you can get the swanky new update for your Market Place. This new update for the market Place is dubbed as the version with the version number as 3.0.26 and can be applied to any Android Phone irrespective of the model number and the place from where the phone belongs from. The best part and also the highlight of this new update is that if you have selected an option that is “Automatic Update” then you will get all the updates automatically and you don’t have to again set for automatic updates again which was the case with the older version of Android Market Place.

Some featured Android Apps you may want

1  Big Buttons Keyboard 
If you are doing a lot texting, and you really dont like the typewriting with the phone itself, and want to make the with big button, then you can try Big Buttons Keyboard. 

It is the older, original version of Big Buttons Keyboard, now called Big Buttons Keyboard ORIGINAL and is meant only for older phones that can not be upgraded beyond Android 1.5.

download link:

Friday, 1 June 2012

Top Free Android Apps

If you own an Android smartphone, you will no doubt want to download plenty of great apps. While you may wonder about the best deals you can get from Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, but there are plenty of quality apps you can get for free. These are all well worth exploring and downloading to your phone so that you can have the best experience in many areas, including entertainment, personal finance, navigation and more.
Google Wallet is one of the best free apps that is available for download on many Android smartphones. Created by a top developer, you will no longer have to worry about the best credit cards to have on hand when you are on the go as you can simply enter your information into this app and use it to make purchases at a variety of different vendors. This is a great app to have right at your fingertips on your phone, especially if you are a bit of a scatterbrain who occasionally forgets your wallet! It works with MasterCard credit card information.
Pandora Internet Radio is a fantastic app for Android smartphone owners who enjoy listening to music while on the go. Essentially, you can create your very own personalized radio station that you can listen to directly on your device. It runs on ads, but this is not an issue as the majority of what you will get is music. Simply select an artist or a band and the app will play them and artists and bands that are similar, which is a great way to be introduced to great music you have never heard before.

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