Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Watch 2012 UEFA Euro on our smartphone

For this summer, football fans can't miss one thing, that's the European Football Championship(UEFA European Championship). It help every four years at european. The 2012 UEFA European Championship is held by Poland and Ukraine. If you are citizen from these two countries, you are lucky to watch this on the spot. It starts from 2, june, and ends at 2 July. 

             Oceana - Endless Summer (Official Video UEFA EURO 2012) 

We can see people all over the world are excited about this big football event. 

                    All Stadiums - UEFA Euro 2012 for FIFA 12

Let's see some amazing football moment by photo which we will cherish forever.

Sweden 2-0 France - the story in photos
Italy 2-0 Republic of Ireland - the story in photos
Greece 1-0 Russia - the story in photo

Ukraine 2-1 Sweden - the story in photos
These are just few moments of the whole exciting games. We can catch more exciting moments at UEFA European Championship's official site. Actually we not only can watch the football game on tv, but also on your phone device.

Android users can download espn at google play to intall on the phone for watch the game. Apple device users can download espn at itunes store for installing. For espn app, we catch every fresh football race moment in our palm.

We can also use some other apps like series while on the go. We here at Android Authority have brought you an awesome list of some of the best TV/video streaming apps available at the Android market now! Check it out below.Giant Bomb Beta,
VLC Stream and Convert,Youtube Mobile,,TV Show Stream. How to download YouTube video for the 2012 UEFA Euro videos if you will to watch on your phone device. You can use the Leawo Free YouTube Downloader which can help you to download youtube videos quickly. 

2012 UEFA Euro is going on, our enthusiasm is burning, We love 2012 UEFA Euro for every moment!

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