Monday, 25 June 2012

The Upcoming Pinterest App for Android Might Unleash at Google IO

An upcoming Pinterest app might be unveiled at the Google I/O developers conference this coming June 27 to 29. Pinterest is arguably one of the most popular networks online, but it is noticeably missing on Android-based devices.
Alternatives are available for users of Android devices who wish to collect online content then share it to their network of friends or send content to Pinterest. A search for Pinterest on Google Play gives the following results: Pin My Photo, Gallery+ for Pinterest, SpinPicks Free, Pinterfetch, Wondershare PowerCam, Photo Uploader for Pinterest, among others. While these apps do provide some Pinterest-related features, some feel that a dedicated and official Pinterest app would still be much appreciated.

Some good news, however, has just surfaced as the team behind the Ausdroid website observed that Pinterest will attend the developer’s conference under the Sandbox list. A member of the Ausdroid team had been browsing the freshly-released Google I/O app when he saw Pinterest listing. The description below the name, which contains the phrase “now available for Android” is what gave the secret away.
The leak from Ausdroid also identified Carl Rice and Cynthia Maxwell as the exhibitors for the Pinterest for Android app. Maxwell’s name also appears on Pinterest’s website as the Chief Officer of Awesome and Senior Software Engineer. On the other hand, Rice is a developer and Mobile Engineer from Pinterest.
At present, the app is not available yet, but Pinterest is expected to unveil it shortly after it announces its availability at the conference. Hopefully, the new app will put to a rest some fake Pinterest for Android apps that had been surfacing. One called Pinterest for Android had been spotted on Google Play, which was then called Android Market.
The false Pinterest for Android had been misleading people into thinking that it was the real deal, even using the Pinterest logo. There was also some news about an app called Faster Pin, which essentially had been claiming the exact same thing.

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