Friday, 31 August 2012

Top 8 Best Android Apps Necessary for Your Smartphone

Wanna find the best free apps for your new android phone? Google Play Store do list a lot apps in games,videos,TV and so on. But it's really hard to choose among such a large amount of apps. And I spend some time to pick up a few apps which are necessary for your android phone. Now, please follow me to see what they are.(you can click the blue words to download the app)

1 Gmail

This app keeps your conversations going, everywhere you go.Gmail is mean to be more intuitive, efficient, and useful. And maybe even fun. Get your email instantly via push notifications, read and respond to your conversations online & offline, and search and find any email. You can manage multiple accounts, view and save attachments, set up label notifications.Never miss connection with friends or business partner.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Best News App for Android to Know What is happening Around World

Well, the world is change all the time. If you are a person who like to care about what happens around, you have to get a good android app for current news in case you get an android phone. You will focus on the headlines on phone to catch what's important compared with reading news on PC. You know large amount of new when surf internet on PC.(You can click the blue words to download)

1 Google Currents

Of course, you can't miss Google currents. We do google a lot in our daily life. Google takes advantage at searching, so Google Currents will benefit from this to gather kinds of news worldwide in categories such as world, entertainment, sports, science, and more..Google Currents will deliver beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and smartphone for high speed and offline reading.Google Currents can self-adapt to differently sized phones and tablets.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Must Have Android Apps for Streaming TV & Movies to Kill Time

As the technology develops, we can not only watch TV but also on our smartphone. As compared with TV set, smartphone still get its advantages like motility, you can watch TV anywhere on condition that it is internet connected. So you can’t miss your favorite TVs. But you should make your phone fully charged. Now I will introduce some popular used android tv apps, which surely will color your spare time.(you can click the blue words to download the app)

1 delivers the best of TV special for your phone – which doesn’t charge anything! brings personal TV to your phone. You can access videos you want anywhere you go including full episodes...and it’s free! Get video from CBS, The CW, CNET, ET, Showtime, CBS News, CBS Sports and much more! Watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime on No subscription fees apply.

Monday, 27 August 2012

4 Best Free Valuable Dictionary Apps for Android Mobile

The summer vacation is at the end, some guys have to go back to school to continue their study. When we talk about study, we will probably think of the homework. I remember I run into many unknown words and have to check in a paper dictionary. That takes time to find the stranger words. Now we have electronic dictionary to help our study easier. If you run into some unknown words, you may need one of these dictionaries to check in. (click the blue words to download the app)


It’s is the Top-rated Android dictionary app, with trusted reference content from &! It also gets the honor to be the one of the top 10 App’ High School Survival Guide which covers over 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms & antonyms with audio pronunciation. You can check words with voice search. Idioms & phrases, Word origin & history, Popular & local trending searches, Daily content, including Word of the Day & The Hot Word etc are included. Please note that it’s also compatible with tablet devices.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Best Apps to Delete History Cahce on Android Phone

As we know there will be some cache for operation history or browser history, and the computer will run slower as before if we don't clear these frequently. As the same reason, we should also often clear the phone. It does not only help the phone to free up memory to run quickly but also extend the phone life. We know too much cache will make the phone work overload. If you love you android phone, then pick up one clear cache app for your phone.(click the blue words to download the app)

1 History Eraser

It is said the best tool to Erase History on Android devices!This app can erase history data on your Android device, cleanup your phone, delete your search history, del web history,remove your calllog, clear all apps' cache files, delete sms, clean your clipboard, clear frequently callded, and erase market search history. You just one one click to clear all cache files to get more available space and free memory.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Best Android Apps to Change Voice During/Off Call

You may watch some tv programs that the performers imitate the famous singer and use the similar his/her voice to sing a song. I am always surprised by this guys' talent for this imitation. Do you ever want to change your voice(you just need to change to another voice, there is no need to imitate the famous people, you know it takes time.). There are some android apps with such feature help you to change your voice when a call is coming. This will give the caller a surprise or even shock when you want to play a trick.(note:click the blue words to download the app)

1 Simple Voice Changer
Its current voice effects are: Evil, Alien, Chipmunk, Robot, Slow, Helium, Deep, Reverse, Talk into Fan, Robot Mouse and Echo effect. I used it to record(it also gets the record function ) one of my friends' voice and apply its Robot effects, that's really cool. You can share the sounds with friends via e-mail/instant messenger etc.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

4 Free Apps to Block Unwanted Calls on Android Smart Phone

I am sure you are totally are annoyed by the advertise phone. It's okay to pick up the phone when you are free. You can just take it as a conversation with a stranger, which sometimes the stranger get a nice sound voice. But it will totally change your attitude when you are busy at work or study or busy with something else.

We do have some ways to solve this problem to keep away the advertise phone call and add it into the blacklist to make sure it will never come back. Now I would like to introduce some android apps for this function, you may read it and get the proper one for installing. And the ios users, you will have to check the Google for help.

1 Mr. Number Text, Call & Block
Yes, this app get a pretty man name. Is there a Miss. Number Text, Call & Block? Just a joke.It gets pretty some titles like :2012 Appy Award for Best Communications App, PCMag 100 Best Android Apps of 2012, New York Times: “Mr. Number is one of the most popular”. We can see it's popular and useful. With Mr. Number, you can do the following:

Mr. Number replaces your old text and calling apps so you can:
- make texting fast and free and know when messages are delivered and read
- identify unknown callers with true Caller ID (US only)
- block calls and texts from people and companies you never want to hear from again
Every phone should work this way.

Monday, 20 August 2012

5 Awesome Ringtone Apps for Your Android Phone

You may find a good song and listen it for several times.And want to cut out one part of this song. There are do some Ringtone Maker apps on the android market you can download to do this. Different apps may have different features,. Now I would like to introduce some popular used Ringtone maker apps for android, and it's time for you to choose the one you want.(you can click the blue words to download the apps)

1 Ringtone Maker
Wa, it just names as Ringtone Maker, which allow you to creates ringtone, alarms, and notifications from MP3, WAV,AAC/MP4, 3GPP/AMR files. You can set the start and ending notes by sliding arrows along the timeline, by pressing Start and End to record the point, or by typing in time stamps. What makers it different from others is that fading in/out for MP3, adjusting volume, and share by e-mail. You can even also copy, cut and paste with the latest version.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Free Style Android themes download

Are you bored with your android default theme and want to change another? There are do thousand of android themes on internet for download, but you get the one for you? I get an android phone for two years, and like to visit the android forums for information. And run into several good android themes, then I would like to introduce them for android fans. 

Note: here is the way you can use the installed theme→Apply the theme via the Menu options>Themes>Select Theme (click the blue words to download or view the details)

1 Windows 7 Go Launcher EX Theme
You will never know you can run your android phone like your window PC.The similar logo, menu and the way you operate it. Now this Windows 7 Go Launcher EX Theme enables you go like this, isn't it cool? Download this cool android theme for cool experience.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Best GPS For Android To Guide Your Way

I am sure you definitely need a GPS app for your android phone when you are out of home. You may wander that: the phone gets the GPS by itself. But Phone based GPS apps are really better than personal navigation devices. For Phone based GPS systems have the ability to do much more complex tasks that would be impossible without a wireless data network. Below are some of the location based apps recommended for android phone.(tip: if you are interested in these apps, you can click the blue words to download)

1 Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps with navigation is available for Android 1.6 and higher. This suite has proven itself and is currently the most popular GPS app for Android 1.6 users and above. It includes many features that no other GPS apps are able to provide, such as Street View and Satellite views.You can also view detailed maps with 3D buildings, use the voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Best Android Browsers For Your Android Phone At Internet Surfing

Surfing the internet and social networking sites have become a regular part of everyday life. Although, the default browser on Android is very rich in features, still you can download many other browsers from the Google Play store. The browsers for android is available in large number, so it becomes extremely important to choose a right browser for your device. A good android browser gives us a better internet surfing experience. Instead a bad browser sucks for the bad experience, for example power consumption, Slow loading etc. Now let’s have a look at the best browsers for Android.

1. Chrome

Monday, 13 August 2012

5 Shopping Apps That Can Save You Dollars

Well, for the bad economy and the poor salary, we need to save some unnecessary money our pocket. Less money for more goods and service. God know what will know happen next day. If are a heavy shopper, some android coupon apps will be especially necessary for you to save the $. Today I would like to introduce some popular used coupon apps for you. It will not help you to save money, but also get the fun of shopping.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Two interesting android apps to kill your time

We do get a lot of fragmented time to make use of in our daily life. We can look at the recipe menu; Learn about the cooking skills; see their favorite cartoon; chat with our own mobile phone etc. Anyway, do something to kill time and don't waste it. Now I'll introduce several android apps, although the practical usefulness of the apps is not that much. But perhaps to bring some joy to your life!

1 SimSimi

SimSimi is a lovely intelligent chat robot. You can have an interesting dialogue with it. It's easy to use this app only by touching the interface to start the conversation. SimSimi will immediately say hello to you. You enter the text in the dialog box to start conversation like other traditional chat application. SimSimi's vocabulary will increase as you enter text. You can teach SimSimi more words. If SimSimi doesn't reply, he would say, I can not answer you. Then you can select the "Teach" button to input all your questions and answers.

Click here to download at android market: SimSimi

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Best Health and Fitness Android Apps for Your Life

Well, the 2012 London Olympic games is still on. When you look at the athelets's great figure, you may think like this: Do I look too thin or too fat? Do I take much calories the food contain which I am eating every day? Do I get a proper plan for exercise? Now there are do some Health and Fitness apps can help with these problems. Bye the way, keep in mind that the apps listed below only work on android phone, you have to check out if it gets a mac version by yourself.
1 FatSecret Calorie Counter

It has a voluminous database of calorie counts for all kinds of food which both you'll eat at home and almost any restaurant—so that's certainly a helpful thing to have. We can say it's a calorie barcode scanner, which quickly pulls in nutrition information for any pre-packaged goods.

wallpaper for android phones with android robot logo

A beautiful wallpaper not only make your android phone look good, but also keep you in a relax mood when touch the apps seeing it. I am find of collecting all kinds of attractive wallpapers. And at the moment get 57 wallpapers at size of 674×600 or 960×584(different kinds of screen size android phones need different sizes of wallpapers, or it will not fullfill the screen for the small size wallpapers or cover some parts for big size wallpapers). Here they are:

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Best free android pdf reader you can't miss

Are you looking for a PDF reader for Android while you are away from your computer. Android phones get the Abode reader by itself, but is this one best suitable for you? Collet some top rating PDF reader by users, wish you find the one you want and share.

1 Moon+ Reader
This app can be said as Your finger ebook reader with rich features. You can read thousands of ebooks for free, supports online ebook libraries. Read local books with smooth scroll and tons of innovation.Support many file format like txt, html, epub, umd, fb2, chm, zip or OPDS, pdf etc.
Click here to download: Moon+ Reader

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Android best live hd wallpaper for cool effects with fun

We usually download some interesting and beautiful wallpaper to make our phone looks comfortable or attractive, which really can give us a good mood. Usually the wallpapers we download are inactive. So have you ever want to install some live wallpaper to make your android phone more lively? Then the Metaballs Free Live Wallpaper can be a good choice. 

There are comments like this "Featuring 12 different themes and the ability to tweak these in a variety of different ways, it’s a fantastic app that adds a vibrancy to your homescreen" -

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The common android problems which the new users run into

We know android phones have been popular around the world. It’s said that 6 people in 10 get android phones by individual. The reason that android phones are popular is that the android system are developed on Linux with open source, which enable the developers and users have more advantages of permissions in developing or using the android phones. If you are a new android phone user, you may run into the following questions. 

Q: If I forgot the unlock pattern, what should I do?

If you fail to draw the correct unlock pattern on the screen five times. Screen will prompt you to wait 30 seconds before you can try again. If you forgot your screen unlock pattern, Click “forget the unlock pattern”. The screen will prompt you to use Google account name and password, and create a new screen unlock pattern before the main screen shows. If you forget your password, the you need to restore the factory default values of the phone. Reset the phone will delete all data, including downloaded applications, and reset to the initial state.
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