Friday, 10 August 2012

Two interesting android apps to kill your time

We do get a lot of fragmented time to make use of in our daily life. We can look at the recipe menu; Learn about the cooking skills; see their favorite cartoon; chat with our own mobile phone etc. Anyway, do something to kill time and don't waste it. Now I'll introduce several android apps, although the practical usefulness of the apps is not that much. But perhaps to bring some joy to your life!

1 SimSimi

SimSimi is a lovely intelligent chat robot. You can have an interesting dialogue with it. It's easy to use this app only by touching the interface to start the conversation. SimSimi will immediately say hello to you. You enter the text in the dialog box to start conversation like other traditional chat application. SimSimi's vocabulary will increase as you enter text. You can teach SimSimi more words. If SimSimi doesn't reply, he would say, I can not answer you. Then you can select the "Teach" button to input all your questions and answers.

Click here to download at android market: SimSimi
Recommended reason: SimSimi robot can be regarded as very amused voice chat app.Witty answer, Multi-language support make this app popular. However, this app does not help us to send text messages or make a call, it's with single function. 

How to Make Origami
Origami is an ancient art in Japan which is very popular. A single color paper will become an all kinds of cute little animals by clever folding. Not only can it decorate your life, but also decorate the mood. 

Click here to download at android market: How to Make Origami

Recommended reason: you can do it by steps described in great details. You will be able to understand it quickly, But with a relatively small kinds.

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