Thursday, 2 August 2012

The common android problems which the new users run into

We know android phones have been popular around the world. It’s said that 6 people in 10 get android phones by individual. The reason that android phones are popular is that the android system are developed on Linux with open source, which enable the developers and users have more advantages of permissions in developing or using the android phones. If you are a new android phone user, you may run into the following questions. 

Q: If I forgot the unlock pattern, what should I do?

If you fail to draw the correct unlock pattern on the screen five times. Screen will prompt you to wait 30 seconds before you can try again. If you forgot your screen unlock pattern, Click “forget the unlock pattern”. The screen will prompt you to use Google account name and password, and create a new screen unlock pattern before the main screen shows. If you forget your password, the you need to restore the factory default values of the phone. Reset the phone will delete all data, including downloaded applications, and reset to the initial state. Q. Why do some locations can not use street view?

The street view is currently only used in a specific area, you can refer to the Google Maps website to obtain detailed information.

Q How to adjust media volume?
Please press the volume adjustment buttons to adjust the volume when the media is playing, press Menu> Settings> Sound & display> media volume from the main screen, and then slide to the desired volume range, and then click OK.

Q. How to join the Latitude in Google Maps?
If your device can use Google Latitude, press Menu> Add the Latitude in Google Maps.

Q. How to move the location of the application shortcuts on the main screen?

Click and hold the item, then drag to the trash, or other location

Q. How to use Google Maps satellite mode?
Press Menu> Map mode> Satellite In Google Maps.

Q How to hide the notification panel
Click and drag the bottom of the notify panel to the top, or press the Home.

Q. When I click the media link in your browser, will the file play?
Click the media link in your browser, the installed media player will play the file. However, the media player may not support certain types of files.

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