Thursday, 9 August 2012

Best Health and Fitness Android Apps for Your Life

Well, the 2012 London Olympic games is still on. When you look at the athelets's great figure, you may think like this: Do I look too thin or too fat? Do I take much calories the food contain which I am eating every day? Do I get a proper plan for exercise? Now there are do some Health and Fitness apps can help with these problems. Bye the way, keep in mind that the apps listed below only work on android phone, you have to check out if it gets a mac version by yourself.
1 FatSecret Calorie Counter

It has a voluminous database of calorie counts for all kinds of food which both you'll eat at home and almost any restaurant—so that's certainly a helpful thing to have. We can say it's a calorie barcode scanner, which quickly pulls in nutrition information for any pre-packaged goods.
What is cool is that it can quickly add all those things you're eating into an ongoing Food Diary, so you can see your day's total in calories, fat, carbohydrates. So if you don't want take too much calorie, check with this amazing FatSecret Calorie Counter first.
Click here to download at android market: FatSecret Calorie Counter


If you are a runner, you should have this app installed which will make your running not that boring any more.RunKeeper tracks your run activity via GPS on a map, it will log your mileage, calories burned, time spent running, and other stats. And That data collected will instantly syncs up to RunKeeper's servers. Thus you can track your progress, set goals, or view your running life from the record data. RunKeeper's robotic announcer can make you know how far you've come and have left to go while you're running. This is a nice design for those need some real-world motivation.
Click here to download at android market: RunKeeper


After you use RunKeeper, you may find this app covers some of the same ground as RunKeeper, but what the difference is that CardioTrainer has a larger view of health and training, and the tools to cover it. You can use it to track your outdoor run/bike/walk, time and estimate your indoor gym activities. Anyway, the feature I like is that there are lots of components to choose to encourage you to stick to your exercise plan. You can install modules to "race" with other CardioTrainer users. And it now gets a neat resolution feature that it can hold a donation amount in escrow. If you stick to your plan, you keep the money, but if you don't, it goes to a charity of your choice. So CardioTrainer is really a good choice for you to do some fitness activity, combination of a fancy timer and a social motivational tool.
Click here to download at android market: CardioTrainer 

There are really a lot of apps related like this, you can find at Android Market. I tried to pick out the best and most helpful apps, but if you get a good one, do leave comments here, it will be appreciated.

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