Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Best apps for Android on travel, social network, dining

CNET's list of the best apps for Android includes well-known classics as well as some downloads we've plucked from obscurity. All of them, though, have been tried and tested by our editors and come highly recommended. With apps to help you with everything from productivity to shopping, we're confident that our list can be both a great reference for experienced Android users and a perfect starter kit for anyone new to the Android ecosystem.

Social networking

Share photos, update your status, tweet, or hang out. Whether you're jumping waist-deep or dipping only your big toe into the social space, these apps are must-haves.

  • Facebook for Android

    Facebook for Android

    The official Facebook for Android app is undoubtedly the best way to view Facebook on your Android. The overhauled app (which now closely resembles the iPhone version) offers a clean interface with a sliding navigation panel on the left. Meanwhile, the most-used buttons -- Friend Requests, Messages, and Notifications -- are right there at the top of the screen. This means you can respond to friends without having to leave the screen you're on. Read full review

  • Google+


    Google+ for Android is a clean and intuitive mobile app that has all of the powers of its desktop counterpart, save for the games and a few other minor features.

    If you're an avid user of Google's still-growing social offering, then this is absolutely a must-have. If you're not, then we still suggest checking it out if only for the app's auto-upload feature for photos and videos.
    Read full review

  • Twitter


    We wouldn't be the least bit surprised if choosing a single Twitter app for Android leaves you paralyzed by choice. There's no shortage of third-party Twitter apps in the Android Market, and many of them are good. That said, a great place to start is the official Twitter app. It's superclean, easy to navigate, and now supports multiple accounts. While it may not offer some power features like Saved Searches, for most users, the official Twitter app should be a great option.Read full review

  • Tumblr


    With Tumblr for Android, using the megapopular blogging platform cum social network while on the go is a snap. The app lets you create and publish posts, read through posts by other bloggers you follow, and manage your account settings, all without much of a learning curve.

    If you own a Tumblr blog, then frankly, this mobile app is a must. It makes it incredibly easy to post any type of media to your site (except audio), and it provides a nice interface for doing all of the social stuff that Tumblr offers.Read full review
    • CNET editors' rating4.5 stars

    • Get your multimedia on with these feature-packed photo and music apps.


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