Thursday, 29 November 2012

Best All-in-One Android Smart Measure Tool For Daily Life

I can only find the calculator in my Android smarphone. But life is not just about math problems. I wish get some tools I can measure Length, distance, sound level meter. And use the compass to tell me the direction when I was lost if I go out for hiking with friends. Or there is a flashlight I can use to guide the way home when I go back late in night.I know I can download all these tools at Android at Google Play store.But Android smartphone doesn't move that smoothly after you install so many application.But now I find one application All-in-One measurement tool and would like to share here.

Smart tools is such an application for all I talked above. With it, you can do the following thing

Set 1: Length, Angle, Slope, Level, Thread - Smart Ruler Pro

Set 2: Distance, Height, Width, Area - Smart Measure Pro

Set 3: Compass, Metal detector, GPS - Smart Compass Pro

Set 4: Sound level meter, Vibrometer - Sound Meter Pro

Set 5: Flashlight, Magnifier - Smart Light Pro
You can see it's a powerful measurement for daily life use.As for how to use this tool,you can visit this YouTube video for guidelines:

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