Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What’s The New Features About Android 4.2 Jelly Bean?

As for the hurricane Sandy, Google canceled the Android conference which was supposed to held today(Oct 30,2012).But it choose its official blog to establish the new android os:android 4.2 which gets the name Jelly Bean the same as Android 4.1.Actually people thought Android 5 will be named as Jelly Bean.At the same time,Google also published Nexus 4(smartphone) and Nexus 4(tablets) which run on Android 4.2.
We have been through 

Android Version Release date

Android 1.1 Sept 2008

Android 1.5 Cupcake April 30,2009

Android 1.6Donut, Sept 15,2009

Android 2.0/2.0.1/2.1 Eclair Oct 26,2009

Android 2.2/2.2.1 Froyo May 20,2010

Android 2.3.x Gingerbread Dec 2,2010

Android 3.0Honeycomb Feb 2,2011

Android 3.1Honeycomb May 11,2011

Android 3.2Honeycomb June 13,2011

Android 4.0Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 19,2011

Android 4.1Jelly Bean Jun 28,2012

Android 4.2Jelly Bean Oct 30,2012
As we can see 12 Android OS versions were released from Sept 2008 to Oct 30,2012. Google will almost update its Android os three times every year. Compared with this,ios and symbian will have to fell shame on itself. Many people may be are still using Android 2.3 and they want to update to Android 4.0. But as for some brand smartphone users ,it’s not so lucky like Motorola users. Anyway, we are expecting a new member of Android family,so what’s new features compared with other Android OS version? Let’s get close with this:

1 Full Chrome browser
As we now we can open several webpages or sites iby several tabs in the same chrome window,now Android 4.2 enable you to surf the internet like this on Google Chrome for Android 4.2 based smartphone.

2 Photo Sphere Camera

You must hate it that it doesn’t get much space to take more things included when taking photos.Now the Photo Sphere Camera give your this ability. Just like Apple did in iOS 6, Google has added a “panorama” camera function to do this. In other words, it makes you take larger pictures by moving the smartphone camera and then digitally stitching together multiple images. Some of Android manufacturers, like Samsung, had already done this but it was not an existing feature of Android itself.

3 Gesture Typing

We usually use to gestures to express us when sometimes it works better than words.Now you can use gesture type. You move your finger around the keyboard from letter to letter without lifting it up.It is a classic Android third-party feature that many cannot live without.I think that would be a little difficult to handle.You know you can’t press too hard or the opposite in case the words won’t show up or show the wrong words. But many manufacturers, like HTC, already used the gesture swiping method.

4 Wireless Sharing
It works Like Apple's AirPlay, it will let Android users display their device's screen on your TV(of course the tv sets should matched with set-top boxes). It means you can transfer music or movies to the tv set.This is one typical feature for Android 4.2.It will enable Nexus 4 to transfer music or video to tv set.The set-top boxes which would match the existing TV Miracast is expected to be in the market in the near future.As Google predict, it will sold lower than $99.

5 Multi-User Tablets
You can share your computer with others by setting multi-accounts.And the users can customize it to his own preferences, such as personalized home screens and apps. Now you can also do this on Android 4.2 tablets. Tablet computers are more and more merging with traditional PC functionalities. It should be of great use for family members or close friends.

6 Resize-able Widgets:
This is another Jelly Bean 4.1 feature which was improved in 4.2.As its name tells, you can resize some widgets as you want.This is good for some near sighted or senior citizen.

7 Android Beam
Now NFC is getting hot. NFC is short for near field communication. That includes Android Beam, the Near Field Communications (NFC) function that enables people to share photos, websites, music, directions or videos with a single touch, which do more compared with Bluetooth. For example, in the near future you don’t even need to take the airplay tickets,just take a smartphone which gets the NFC function. With a simple touch,it will let you take the airplane. Apple’s iOS has nothing similar.

Are you interesting in these new features? For some smartphones which are pre-installed Androdi 4.2, Motorola will be the first to update to Android 4for most of its products, like Razr、Razr Maxx series. But it did not give the exact date. If you wish to update to Android,I am afraid you have to wait the push notifications.

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