Monday, 28 May 2012

How to root a android device?

Some people want gets their Android smartphone to root for more choice and fun. We can do it easily actually. What I talked below is the simple but useful way to root your android phone. your phone try using this easy method which is completely safe and can be done in aboutfive minutes without the aid of a computer or anything apart from your android by downloading an app  called Z4Root
(download at .

If you need help here is a video guide on how to do it:
If you can't understand the video guide then here are the steps for you to follow:
1) Download Z4Root from this link I just gave:
2) Click Z4Root  from your 'Downloads' folder and install it
3) Open the Z4root app once it's finish installed
4) Press on the option permanent root and wait for it to root your device
5) You now have a rooted phone :) now enjoy your new android phone for fun.
Notice that there is a very slight chance that Z4Root may not work on your phone, in which case

look for an alternative way to root it like SuperOneClick. This method also works for nearly all Android phones :)

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