Thursday, 27 September 2012

Best Android Camera Apps to Record Your Life

Our life can’t live without camera. We need camera to take every worthy memory moment for our life no matter you are having a tour or you are just having a deal with your family. We can use camera to record our mood. Then we can share with our friends or family, it just bring us a lot fun. So if you don’t get a camera around, what is your life supposed to be?

If you can’t afford some relative expensive camera you want to buy, may be you can try some camera apps first, on the condition that you get a android smartphone. Now let’s review these popular camera apps and select one to record our life for share or memory. You can click the blue words to download the app you want.

1 Pudding Camera

This app aims to let you create masterpiece with your smartphone.You can take photos in the reenacted angle of view for actual cameras in Basic(or Snap, Panorama, Fantasy ,Motion 2x2, Motion x4, Fish-eye, Triplex) way.Add custom-designed filtered effects to give sensible feelings to your photos like the film motion.After finish it, you can instant share via Pudding to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler or your email Easily.

2 Lomo Camera
Use the Best Lomo Camera app to help you make amazing photos in 12 completely different filters which are based on the real ones! But there are just 3 free filters for use. For example, the Lomo Camera, it can enable you to take photos in lomo style. Nice vignetting along with a processing will make you feel like you are using real Lomo camera. There are 12 effects to choose from for every camera .
* Cross process
* Push process
* Black & White
* Old Photo
* Vintage
* Sepia
* Rusty
* Polaroid
* Paper
* Dreams
* Film

3 Night Vision Camera
Most android camera apps don’t behave good at night.This app can improve visibility in low light conditions by automatic adjustment image parts.What’s more,you can create cool cartoon style images with it and show the effect in realtime! Other features like supports front camera if available, control camera flash to maximize visibility etc.

4 Camera360 Ultimate
Camera360 is a worldwide popular camera app which was once pointed as one of top 100 technology products by PC World. With its simple operations, fantastic effects, and fluent UE, Camera360 got support and favor from more than 20 million fans in the android camera app world.Camera360 finally leads fashion of phone photography’s development. You can classify ‘MY PHOTOS’ by date to find what you want quickly;select effects to decorate beautiful life moments.If you want to know more, you’d better to download to experience.

5 IP Webcam

Use IP Webcam to turn your phone into a wireless camera! It Supports to work on Windows, Mac and Linux os. It will help to turn your phone into a network camera with multiple viewing options. Thus view your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser. Stream video inside WiFi network without internet access.You may never get to know play camera like this.

6 Funny Camera
There are cameras to take funny pictures, but there are also cameras to make funny pictures. With this app,you can apply color effects to your photos for fun.Funny Camera gets a collection of more than 80 funny photo frames for you to decorating your photos.

7 Instagram
This is really a vip one. Take photos and share your photos in a simple photo stream with friends to see or follow your friends' photos with the click of a single button. Giving likes or comments to your favored photos and receive comments from friends. Can we call it “facebook” in camera field. Every day you open up Instagram to leave best moments or see new photos from your closest friends.It can never get such a beautiful way to share your world.

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