Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Best Android Live Wallpapers for 2012 Christmas

Do you want to get live wallpapers for Android like that to put you in Xmas spirit? There are only five days left for the X-mas.I am sure a lot family are preparing for the Christmas,like Christmas food, Christmas tree, Christmas decoration etc.Yeah,it's finally on the corner of Christmas. But for Android users,do you want to decorate your Android phone with some attractive live wallpapers to spirit yourself in Christmas? We never have to worry we don't get enough apps for Android users to play with.Now I would like to share some live wallpaper with you guys.

1 Christmas Tree 3D

The Christmas tree in real life may look a little silent.Now you get the chance to make a auto-move Christmas tree by yourself all according to your likes. You get unlimited number of firtrees and pines to choose from. Just make it up with balls and strobiles, surround with presents and finish with a shiny star.After that,you can save or load your creations to share with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. By the way, you can rotate full 360 degrees around the tree. 

Want to know how to fell when Santa flies in the sky? Santa is and will ever be our most beloved spirit of Christmas.Every Christmas he travels across the world in a sleigh to hand in the gifts.Now with this app, you can fly with Santa in his sleigh in the magic Christmas sky.It's a good simple app except lack of some snow,it will be better if it charges nothing.

3 Scary Christmas Live Wallpaper

You think you miss Halloween? How about having Halloween and the coming Christmas together? When I first see this, I am amused by these particular characters.It will surely be very funny to play with pumpkins with winter attributes like caps and scarves. Turn the window lights on and off, make the witch fly across the night sky! Make the bat scream and see the owl blinking! Even the black cat and spider is wearing nice Christmas hat! Witch pretending she is Santa, scary Snowman, Christmas tree, lots of snow, sweet candy canes, Christmas stocking in the window of castle with vampire smile - Christmas gifts are waiting for you!

4 My Christmas Wonderland LWP

This is a playful Android live wallpaper for Christmas.You can see magical Christmas Tree, Ferris Wheel, Space Flyer, its all there and more! You can click anywhere to discover with the little interactions. It will be of fun and you will be surprised! You can make snow fall, lit up fireworks, fly hot air balloons;change background colours and size of view; sync day and night scene with real time.And of course,Santa and his sleigh are with you for this!

5 Merry Christmas Live Wallpaper

The features in this live wallpaper are in cartoon style.You get Santa, reindeer,snowman,Christmas gifts etc. You will love their adorable styles when it comes to your sight after you install this app.For more customization, you can enter to Setting → Wallpaper Editor to change the transition, transparent, color and more.

If you think it's annoying to have the pop up and just need some Android wallpapers. You may see here below.You can click right to save images to your PC and the copy to your Android phone.

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