Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cool Android Parkour Game《Temple Run 2》is Coming

Parkour was born in France in the 1980s. It means run everywhere. Parkour takes the entire city as a training ground, all the walls, roof can be used to climb. It enables people to enhance the physical and mental ability to respond to emergency situations by the agile sports , and this point and martial arts approximation, which goes similar with martial arts.

But it could be a dangerous outdoor activity,if you don't get enough training and not prepared with professional equipment. There are many Parkour lovers died for accidents during the Parkour activity. Now there are Parkour games for Android, we can experience the cool felling in another way to avoid the dangerous in real life.

Now the popular 《Temple Run》 is such a game. Players control an Indiana Jones-like figure to escape from an ancient temple in the tropical rain-forest, run after by group of monkeys look like devil guards. The figure run at full speed automatically. The player needs to control him to avoid the dangers encountered on the way. What is different from most Parkour game, it doesn't use the 3D instead of common 2D horizontal screen.

The first edition goes like this:An adventurer came to the ancient temple hunt for treasure. But chaased after by a group of monkey.The palyer need to make a turn, jump, back down, climb over the temple walls and cliffs. You can shake your phone to collect coins. This game is so simple but it can make you start from the beginning for a mistake.

After a while, it come to the 《Temple Run:Brave》 version, which is cooperated with Disney, to some extent it restore the scene of the Disney classic film 《Brave》. In this new version, the figure is Princess Merida which is skilled at arrow. Merida is able to run, jump, slide, etc in the Scottish wilderness. Merida can shoot to get extra gold coins.

As 《Temple Run》 is so popular, the developer Imangi Studios update a new version which will launch in Google Play Store in January 24. The plot of the game goes the same as the previous version. But flat ground mountain road and waterfall take place off flat ground, with many interested tools added.

As the games go, new terrains will be added,from sky to ground, from forest to Mine tunnel with strong sense of space. Different cableways and tramcars will show up into different scenes. For more new features, you can wait to download the new version to experience.

Among Parkour game in Android platform,《Temple Run》 is definitely a good choice to experience the enjoyment in activity by a new way. It needs you to focus and act quickly to help the runner to escape. In a word, patience and courage needed.

Temple Run

Temple Run: Brave

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