Friday, 4 January 2013

What is Goolge TV Like?

Google TV is a new product by Google. And it was on the market at Autumn 2010. Google TV is a new entertainment system which combine network and TV together.Now at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, you will see more newest Google TV platform from Asus, Hisense, TCL and others except for LG, Vizio, Sony, and others. Let's see how Google TV is working:

1 YouTube
You can either watch YouTube video on your computer or on your smartphone (battery time is a headache problem for watching videos on smartphone). But now you can choose to share the YouTube videos with your family members and control it by your Android phone or tablets (it doesn't support other os platform smartphone or tablets at present). You can read the following pictures how your Android phone(tablets) can control YouTube videos to play on Google TV:
Choose a video
Touch to connect
Control by Android phone
As for live TV,you can watch video content from MSNBC, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, ESPN and even video news from the White House Web site.You can watch almost "one million channels".

2 Google Play
You can find and search your favored apps from the Google Play Store, no matter it's about game,music, or movies,you will have a different felling for doing this on TV.

3 Google Chrome
It may sound somewhat strange for reading news by a TV.But why not, if you don't want to stay beside your computer,then just lay down on sofa using your Android phone to control to scroll wheel on the mouse to move through the text to know what is happening.

4 Search
Google is known for its search advantage which is till the leader in the search engine taking about 70% market share. So there is no doubt that Google put his advantage in Google TV.You have to switch channel to look for what you want to watch for the traditional TV, but you can search what you want to watch in Google TV.

And if you like,you can use the "voice search" to look for your favored videos. As how much the "voice search" can understand you, you have to try by yourself.

5 Prime Time
If you are watching "E.T" and it's near the end, Google TV will give your similar suggested movies for what to watch next. Of course,it will not disturb what you are watching now.

As for Google TV price, different manufacturer give different prices. Such as Sony NSX-32GT1 cost $689.99,Samsung UNES8000 series can be as high as $5099. As more and more manufacturers are producing Google TV, we will get more choices.

If you fell it's not enough to know Google TV, this official Google TV will helps.

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