Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Adobe Released Photoshop Touch For Android Users

Adobe Photoshop is a well-know photo editing software. I guess most of us used it. I once used it for fun to edit some of my tour picture.For its large amount of features,you can totally get a satisfied image. 

Adobe announced on its official site that Adobe flash no longer supports Android and iOS in August,2012. And later, it announced it won't update Adobe Debut、Adobe Collage、Adobe Proto、 Adobe Ideas(Android),Adobe Kuler(Android).You can no longer find these mentioned apps in Google Play Store.If you had already installed these apps,you can can continue to use them.But Adobe don't offer to fix bugs or update.They claimed they will provide support in their official forum in the same time.

Anyway, we still get the Photoshop to use.Today,Adobe just released mobile version —— Photoshop Touch which support Android and IOS. This Photoshop Touch version enable you to use the layer function and Graffiti feature which help you to choose the wanted part of the photo. It don't ask you to choose the exact part you want but help to recognize the range you want to select. Photoshop Touch also offers all filters and other useful component element. What's more,the mobile version also offers Filled function. You can insert the the taken photos into layer directly. After edition, you can share it directly to Facebook, twitter and other platform.

As for Photoshop Touch connects with Adobe's creative cloud service.You can use the cloud synchronization to back up your projects(you will get 2GB capacity for free).It means you can continue to edit your saved project on tablet, PC or another phone.As for different screen sizes, the Mobile version gets some differences compared with the tablet version.But it gets most of features which tablet versions.

At present, Photoshop Touch is on sale for $4.99 at App store and Google Play Store. For Apple users, it works on iPhone 4S or the later, 5th gen iPod touch; for Android users, it works on phones running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or later. If you’re a photographer want some powerful editing tools in your phone, it is definitely a worthwhile choice from Photoshop Express.

Click to download at Google Play Store

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