Friday, 1 February 2013

What New Features Will Android 5.0 Bring to Us?

For the Android versions problem, many Android phones are still running on Android 2.3.6.And users still can't expect to update to Android 4.0 when it was released.Google also realized this problem and slow down the update speed. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie which is supposed to released in the end of 2012 will be released this spring. But it's still rumors, we don't know the exact days.Though it doesn't allow to update to the latest Android version, it doesn't bother to know what new features Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will bring to us.

1 Full support for the Chrome browser
The new Android version may still use the Chrome browser.Android 3.0 took the Tabbed browsing system and support for the Chrome bookmark synchronization.As the smartphone's screen get bigger,the complete bookmarks bar and tab function are necessary.

2 Android and win 8 dual system
Android users can install Android 5.0 and win 8 in the same Android handset.This take advantage of win 8' flexibility and Android's rich apps.It can greatly attracts a lot users, but I think there are few chance for this as the cost and competition problems.

3 Unified platform update

Most hardware manufacturers run into Android update problem.There will be a variety of compatibility issues after updates. Google once promised that it will change the situation when it comes to Android 4.0. But Google does not provide appropriate firmware update for hardware partners, which upset the users most. This will be bad for Android's long term healthy development. So Google have to take action which start from Android 5.0.

4 Support for landscape mode
As more and more smartphones get bigger, it get close to tablets. Android device now can support landscape mode, such as screen QWERTY keyboard, watch videos, browse the web or playing games. We hope that the Android 5.0 device can be fully compatible with the landscape mode.

5 File Manager
Sometimes, we need to put some materials in the mobile handset. It would be nice to find where your file is. Android 5.0 will simplify SD card file retrieval task.

6 Android 5.0 basic version

It's criticized that Android 4.0 is compatible with a lot Low-end Android devices. It dues to the low-end device's processor and memory can't run the new system sufficiently. So we hope that Android 5.0 can effectively solve this problem by providing basic version or the lightweight version of the system for the low-end smartphones, but this may limit some features.

7 Customizable interface switching
Now most of us are using the customize interface by the handset manufacturer. Now Android 5.0 will allow users to switch customized interface by manufacturers to the native Android interface. This gives users one more choice to enjoy the fun of interface customization.

8 Battery management tools

To save power, Android users usually search to close the background applications. Many third-party applications also provide similar services. Therefore, there is an urgent need for Android 5.0 to provide such a battery management tool. New power management tools will make use of the battery efficiently, such as slow down the browse speed and therefore get 20 minutes to send text messages.

9 Better security function
Android is recognized as the lowest security mobile operating system.Almost 90% malware attack Android smartphones. With the new lock screen application and Real-time malware / virus monitoring function, Android users don't have to worry so much about the security problems.

10 More bright theme
Android interface is colorful, but it is obviously that the gray dull background is not what Google want. Android 5.0 can add some more bright Android theme.

Wish Android 5.0 will bring us some surprising features and make it easy for Android users to update to enjoy the latest techolonog

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  1. Split Screen. My 10" tablet surface is about 6 times bigger than my smartphone. There is plenty of space to run two apps side-by-side.
    I don't know if this is in the pipeline but this comes 1st on my feature request list.


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