Sunday, 7 April 2013

3Dmark for Android Test Your Smartphone performance

《Avatar》 starts the 3D movie for the film field.Now many 3D movies are presented in front of us.We could experience the felling that we are in the movie when watch 3D films in the cinema.And if you are into the movie,you will escape the coming sword unconsciously if it's a fighting movie.
Now as the technology develops,we can also watch 3D movies in some PCs which are with pretty much high price.At the same time,we got some 3D games to play.For its real picture,you can't stop love it.Some of you may be interested in buying a 3D PC, but how to test the 3D performance, we need a software named 3DMark. It means to test Graphics performance of your PC. And as times go,3DMark is developed to be a tool which can test your PC performance,not only the Graphics performance.

Recently, 3D Mark released test version for Android.As we know some phone makers released 720P, 1080P smartphones.We certainly can't miss the chance to play some 3D games in these high performance games.Android 3D Mark is compatible with over 1000 Android devices from smartphone to tablets.Now you can use this tool to compare your test score with your friends' smartphones. 3DMark is 283 MB in size, so it's suggessted that you grab this one on WiFi.The app is free and will run on Android versions 3.1 or higher. Here is the picture list requirements for compatible Android smartphones:

And now 3D Mark is only available for Windows and Android. IOS and Windows RT are coming soon.And below is a official test video you may check:

You may check here for its official site for download:
or simply download at Google Play Store

If you want to play some 3D games on your Android smartphone,you may read Top 6 HD Games For Your Android Phone With Great Visual Enjoyment to collect one for fun.

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