Wednesday, 10 April 2013

[Update]How to Use Facebook Home For Android?

Two Days more,Facebook home will be available on Google Play Store for download.Facebook home aims to bring Facebook to your home screen, which let you keep in touch with Facebook at your free when you are in cinema for the coming movie,you may want to spend your waiting time on Facebook.
Facebook home is somewhat like a launcher,but all Facebook elements unlike the normal launcher featured with weather, switcher, calendar…I bet someone dislike this kind of style.As for iOS doesn't allow widgets on home screen,Apple users don't get the chance for it.

                                                     Official Video For  Facebook Home                                             
Cover feed
When you turn on your phone which is installed with Facebook home,you will see photos, status updates and links posted by your friends,which is called Cover feed.You can flip through stories on the screen and give a double tap for a story if you like it.It aims to update your friends' instant status for you.You can send you "like" or comment in time.

Notifications from all apps will occur on Facebook home,it makes not much difference even if you don't install the Facebook home.You can read or just close the notifications.This is for HTC one first.For other supported Android phone,only Facebook notifications will show up.

Chat Heads and Messaging

This is the best feature I favored for Facebook Home.A chat head appears with in the upper right, where users can tap on them, move them, or stack them.Tapping will bring up messages.It means that you can continue your conversion without launch the app while your are surfing the web.

App launcher

You don't want your home screen taken by Facebook Home,you can go back for the Facebook app.Swiping up on your Facebook profile photo will open up the app launcher. In addition to having a full drawer of all your apps, you can also customize your favorite apps into their own areas and pages.


At this moment,only a few devices are ready for launch,including: the HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, and eventually the HTC One and the Galaxy S4. For other Android device,you have to wait until April 12. Will you choose to use Facebook Home?

Now Available at Google Play Store:

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