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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 vs HTC One,Which Do You Favor?

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 VS HTC One
Smartphone market can never be quite, especially Android put its feet in.Every phone maker or phone OS developers are taking effort to take more market shares.Nokia and Blackberry fall behind for can't meet users' needs, the Lumia series and Blackberry can't draw enough attention from the market.While iPhone and Samsung benefit from the market so much for their flagship models.We meet iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II, Droid Razr, Sony Xperia, HTC butterfly etc last year.
And now Galaxy S4, HTC one are coming out on the way.If you are in need of a high-end smartphone,how do you choose from the featured ones from Galaxy S4, HTC one and iPhone 5? The picture below is specific details about them.                        

Display Quality
The Samsung Galaxy S4 delivers a pretty impressive Super AMOLED display that has been improved upon when compared with Galaxy S3′s panel. While it does have its shortcomings, mainly in terms of brightness. The LCD panels found on the HTC One and the iPhone 5 are much brighter and are also able to deliver great color reproduction.
Color reproduction
Color reproduction
Viewing angles
Viewing angle
Then,there’s the resolution and pixel density.The Galaxy S4 arrives with a 5 inch 1080p display whereas the HTC One boasts a 4.7 inch panel with the same resolution. Since the diagonal of the One is smaller, it packs the most pixels per inch (468 vs 441). The iPhone 5 comes in last with its non-HD resolution and 325 ppi.

All three handsets are pretty fantastic, but Android takes the lead.But it should be pointed out that in the real world, it’s pretty difficult to see the difference in resolution on these three devices.

HTC One is fastened out of metal, complete with a ZeroGap design that leaves it flush throughout, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is made of polycarbonate plastic.the Galaxy S4 offers a removable back thanks to the plastic.That means that owners can pop off the back plate and put in an extended battery or use a back that is compatible with wireless chargers. It also makes it easy to replace the battery. The HTC One is not a benefactor of any of this due to a non-removable back.The Galaxy S4 design also comes with a microSD card slot for expanded storage. The HTC One is way more tricky as it doesn’t have a microSD card slot and only features two sizes, 32GB and 64GB, with the 64GB being an exclusive to AT&T. Those that need more storage simply will have to take a closer look at the Galaxy S4.The bakc of iPhone 5 is made of ceramic glass,which is also not removable like HTC one.And it provides 16GB, 32GB, 64GB for choices.

HTC One material

Samsung Galaxy S4

iPhone 5
If you get a contrat plan for iPhone 5, it start from $199.For Galaxy S4, you can pre-order it starting April 16 for $250 with a two year contract. HTC One 32GB will be available at ATT for $199.99 with a 2-yr contract.And it will be will be shipped on April 16, 2013,which is faster than Galaxy S4.

Photo Quality
For the Camera Resolution,most people care about this.We like to treat our smartphone and take photos for things interest us at anytime and anywhere, then share with our friends at social media.So a smartphone with high MP(megapixel) is favorable.As for the specific camera details,you can check the picture above.These pictures below shows the difference.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Color choice
HTC get the black,grey,red for choices;Samsung Galaxy S4 only gets black and white for choices;iPhone 5 get Black & Slate and White & Silver for choice

And one more point,HTC One and Galaxy S4 run on Android OS, while iPhone 5 runs on iOS. Android provides you more control on phone,like install widgets(you may click here for widgets recommendation for Android),while iOS provides lot high quality apps.They do have distinguished features.If you make up your mind to choose one from those three flagship modes,you'd better experience Android and iOS OS first.You know flagship models cost!

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