Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Angry Birds First Cartoon《Chuck Time》is Coming

Angry chuck birds
For the end of last month,Rivo announced it would make cartoon series for the popular Angry birds games.These cartoon videos would be available on Android/iOS on March 17.That's could be a piece of great news for Angry birds fan.For those who don't touch this game,it can also be a good choice to touch angry birds from the cartoon.Most people, especially the young people will love it as for its funny and relax style.

And by the weekend, we did see the first episode of Angry birds.You can open your Angry birds app on your phone,find and click the "cartoon" button,then you will see the Angry Birds Toons channel.There are 3 videos totally. One is about Behind-the-scenes video,another is about character introduction of《Meet the Flock》,the last one is the first episode《Chuck Time》of《Angry Birds Toons》.

《Chuck Time》tells a story like this:The bird chunk slows down in a cool way to save the red bird which fell of a cliff as for helping the chunk.Although made in short time and only last for about several minutes,this cartoon video is made with heart with brilliant quality.So,guys who don't know this stuff yet,spare some time to check for short interesting cartoon. And as Rivo said it will released one episode once a week.We are looking forward it.

The Croods free download
The Croods

Beside the《Chuck Time》,Rivo also released a new game.This time it is not another version of Angry birds.In the new game《The Croods》,the main character cavemen are walking out of the stone age with their wisdom. The Croods will conquer the creatures along the way they march to take position of rich landscape.So you have to help the croods go through this.The plot is somewhat like early human history.So not only art comes from life, so do some games.

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