Thursday, 21 March 2013

Any ideas on Slow Android Update?

android version history

Have you ever complain that your Android phone is stilling running on Android 2.3.6 or under and can't get an timely update even if Android 5.0 is coming.Even the new flagship model didn't run the latest Android OS.As for this,we can't reach the new features that the new Android OS bring us.

Did you figure out some reasons why?This problem has lasted for long.Why can't Android phones get update like iPhone since the new OS comes out at the first time.Actually,it is caused by the complex relationship among Android phone makers,Telecommunicaton Service Providers and Google.

Pretty troublesome for the Android makers to deliver update?

When Google released a new Android OS version,Android phone makers need three steps to push update for your Android.Chip makers have to provide new codes which allow the connection of Android OS and hardware as to control it.Different Android phones are equipped with different Chips(like Qualcomm,Samsung,Nvida,Texas etc). And each Chip maker gets its own series and models, which lead to a lot work for the Chip makers in code stuff.In general situation, it takes about 1-2 months for the Chip makers to finish code preparation.

Second,as for customized Android phone or tablets, the Android phone makers will make some differences when the basic system software is on hand.For example,Samsung needs to develop the Touch wiz UI(user interface) for users.What's more,every phone type meets different system requirements,like built-in special gestures or plant exclusive apps, which takes a lot work. As Nick DiCarlo from Samsung said it would take about 6-8 weeks  to optimize the new Android OS.

Android test
That's why the third Android interface always fall behind the official Android OS.For they do a lot job to make Android interface more gorgeous as compared with Nexus series which run on official Android OS.Drew Bamford from HTC said,one HTC can't work if it runs the official Android OS.It takes a lot time even if they don't customize UI during the develop work.

customized android interface

Carrier operator take responsibility for this?

Carrier operator plays an important role before an Android phone faces the market.Except for they have to test Contract phone,they also need to maker sure every phone meet its net requirement.As for manpower,time, equipment limitation, they need to test how phones work under GSM、CDMA、LTE 4G or mixed net environment. Another reason is that contract phones get prior rights to be tested first for most of them get 2 yeas contract.And new Android phones are more popular,so old types have to wait for the test.

Why Apple deliver its new iOS so fast? Apple itself is the iOS and hardware maker,which saves a lot time on iOS Deliver.Apple gets absolute control on iOS. So it can always give a fast iOS update to users.This is also the reason why Google Nexus series get latest Android OS update.

How can we Android users get a fast update?

There are two ways for this:1 Android phone models should be reduced.This sounds crazy,but HTC and Motorola are doing this.There are quite a lot Android devices in the market, good and bad.It's difficult for the consumers to pick up one when face those.If HTC and Motorola are doing good on this, it will save a lot time to make proper number of excellent products and put extra effort on update support.This is a virtuous cycle.

Android update method

For the first method,consumers need to wait.So the second way is the faster way to get a update.As we know,almost all Android phones can be rooted.One advantage for this is that you can update the latest official Android update which means you will skip the Android phone maker customize procedure.But the risk is that Trojan virus software may be contained in the ROM. So you should find a reliable ROM source to avoid messed third interface's affection.

Both two ways may not look so perfect,but that what we can handle with Android update now.We wish there will be a better solution for this in the near future.

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