Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How to Back Up Your Contacts From Android Phone?

Android back up contacts

You will never want to loose contacts in your Android phone.But we don't know what will happen next monent. May be your Android phone get stolen,run into malware,drop into the water etc.All this can lead to contacts loose.For me,it's a great jop to pick up those contacts again.In case for this, we should back up contacts.Now,I would like to share 3 ways on how to back up contacts for Android phone.

1 Back up with Google Contacts
This method is easy but need some of your time.You have to input contact one by one.Sign in your Gmail account and open this page, you will find"New Contact".Click it and input the forms.After finish these,you can download Gmail for Android.Then you will be able to view your filled contact both on mobile or PC.

Back up Android contacts with Gmail

2 The built-in back up features
Android phone itself gets the built-in back up features.Open your contact and press the menu button,then select "More" option from the list of Menu items.As for different Android OS, it may differ in options.Among the options listed,choose the Import/Export option to proceed.

After choose Import/Export option,you can choose to export to either SIM card or to SD card.If you choose to transfer your contacts to SD card,the contacts will save in the vcf file.As how to open vcf file for details, you can click here for how.You don't need any third party tools to open it,just by windows.

3 Back up with the third party tool
Moborobo is a suit tool to manage smartphones, which you can use to back up your data like the pic below. Slide to "data" and you will see the "contact manager".It shows your contacts, which you can "add" or "import&export".It quite convenient to back up your contacts in one click. What's more,you can also download large number of apps,images,music,videos,themes here.By the way,it;s a freeware and it may take several minutes to set up.

back up Android contacts software

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