Monday, 25 March 2013

Top 5 Android Launchers to Imppresive Your Android Home Screen

Android launcher

As for smartphone,we should never stop dig out something new.For there are really a lot amazing thing to explore to make your smartphone more digital and interesting.This can kill time when you fell bored or you can share with your findings with your new discovery. With then enhanced features,you will love that.Today,I would like to show you how to turn your Android phone into WP7 phone and iPhone.

1 Launcher 7
Launcher 7 can make your Android phone look like exactly same as WP7 phone.After you download it from Google Play Store,you need to make some settings like click the phone book, text-message etc to connect with app after launch it.For this,you can click to use it directly for the second launch.You can remove or add items on the desktop.For the items on the desktop, you can change its size and color as your wish.Though it's a simple app,but with impressive effects make you fell like your are using a WP7 Phone.
                              Android launcher7 free download


2  iLauncher
There are some people like Android phones,some like iPhone,some like other smartphones.But for example,people who stay between Android and iPhone don't want to buy iPhone, you know there is no need to buy another smartphone for most people. And a smartphone which runs on Android and iOS haven't been created.So how to experience iPhone? We got iLauncher here.

You will find it run smooth when you scroll after launch it.It just look like an iPhone if you ignore its phone logo.There are Dock-bar,Spotlight Search,the typical iPhone app icons etc.You can change each application's name and icon by touching the app shortly in jiggle mode.And this launcher supports 5 rows mode,just like iPhone 5.
Android iLauncher free download

3 WP7blue Theme GO Launcher EX
As its name says,it's main color is blue,I am sure lot people love the Blu color for its pure.But after you install it,you can't click launch it directly.You just need to go back to GO Launcher EX: MENU > theme preferences and choose to apply the theme.(As for this app only works with GO Launcher EX, you have to install GO Launcher free from the market first.)

Android WP7blue Theme GO Launcher EX free download

4  BlackBerry Torch Screen
BlackBerry seems run more difficult on its smartphone business than before.But this can't stop blackberry fan's love.As blackberry 10 phones is still on the way,we have to wait patiently.But since you get an Android phone now,now dress up it with BlackBerry Torch Screen to make it into a blackberry phone.Most of the icons on the screen will open up the relevant Android app when clicked.By the way,BBM is not working on this.

Android BlackBerry Torch theme free download


5 Bberry Theme GO Launcher EX
It's a free Bberry Theme GO Launcher.From the screenshot below,you can see it beautiful,like you fell in a gorgeous evening and fell the mysterious Blu spirit.It wins good reviews at Google Play Store.(As for this app only works with GO Launcher EX, you have to install GO Launcher free from the market first.)

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