Thursday, 19 July 2012

Four Tips On Take Good Care Of Your Android Phone

1 It’s advised that you use the Mobile phone set. A Mobile phone set can protect your phone from friction of mobile phone casing. Reduce damage when your phone fell into the ground or water. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your phone will not be damaged in any situation. You should take care of it when you are using or leave it somewhere. 

2 Attention to the place where you use your phone. There are slits and holes on the phone, Steam is easy to run into the phone through the holes, which leads to erosion of Circuit board. So don’t use your phone in the bathroom or in the rain. And don’t put you phone in the air oulet where release cool air. The condensed moisture will corrode the phone. It will get worse as time goes by. It will be late when your realized this.
3 Pay attention to carry method. Every body gets their own way to carry their phone. But it does damage the phone with some inappropriate ways. For example, some people like to put their phone in the back pocket of the pants. It will damage the phone when you sit on or drop it by extrusion. Like small phone, some people used to keep it in the lapel pocket. But it will easily fall on the ground when you bent down to do something.

4 Keep your phone away from magnetic environment. Don’t let your phone exposure to multiple iron environment for the phone loudspeaker itself is of magnetic, in case the over taking in iron attached to the loudspeaker membrane. It can reduce the volume of the phone, or even you can’t hear it.

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