Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Top Excellent Android Games Apps For This June 2012

1 Homerun Battle 3D
A lot people once were involved in the Homerun Bettle for which this game makes you the felling of beating a ball. Now the second generation of this game comes again. In Homerun Bettle2, It brings you a more impressive 3D baseball world. Now release your passion, give the baseball a nice shot!

2 Shake Spears
Shake Spears is a game about fame, reputation and honor. The Knight told his love for the girl who he loved. But the girl didn’t accept it. She would response the Knight’s love announcement if the Knight participated the battle to gain his reputation. Then a fight about love and reputation begun. The scenes of this game include the four wonders of the world, the game player will fight in 20 cities against the enemies in medieval times. Ride on horse, hold the lance, rush to the enemies. Pay attention to the lance, shot the enemies in the right direction, destroy the part which doesn’t the protection from the armour, which will hurt enemies badly. You will get the money to buy or upgrade the equipments and learn magic if you win.

3 Zombie Granny game
A puzzle game from i-Free Innovations, called as <Zombie Granny>. It is full of cartoon style, the game rules are similar with <cut the rope> but with distinguish physical casual game. The cartoon zombie make the game players which don’t like zombie games attractive by its style. No blood, no violence, no wearied background music, different levels of pictures, easy operation, but the combination of challenge, logic, order, time, readiness.

4 Pirate Physics HD
Pirate Physics HD is a riddle game with pirate style. We see the pirates are in ball shape without feet and hands, need your help to find the hidden treasure lease your passion, give the baseball a nice shot!

5 Switch
Switch is a flight game with quick rhythm combined with lively music. You will drive a crazy plane in the outer space which will bring you unexpected flight experience, attention to kinds of obstruction, don’t pileup, good luck for you!

6 Jelly MahJong HD
Jelly MahJong HD is Match game with super lovely picture and sounds. It’s not a simple match game, but like Tetris, no-stop cubes will drop, what you need to do is break up the match with the same colour as many as possible.

7 Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia
Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia game background: Vardonia is a stirring mainland. The Arkan and The Abylon treated each other as deadly enemy. A bad plot would carry on. A great story: salvation, conspiracy, discovery, sacrifice, reputation, mixed in the challengable tasks. Do you want to save the Vardonia?

For all the games listed above you can search at google play store and download.I will introduce more excellent games in the later post. Welcome to comment here.

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