Monday, 16 July 2012

The Right Way to Do Factory Data Reset

As one of the smart operating system, Android shares many common points with other smart phone operating phones, for example, every mobile gets the "Factory data reset" feature. So how to make the Factory data reset for the android phone?

First we have to make it clear that we don't use the "Factory data reset" function very often. It will be bad if do this by mistake. We know by the words that all the settings in the phone will be in the back to the original status when you buy it, include contacts, apps, text message, Gmail amount. You have to reset the phone after the phone restarts.

There are two ways to come into Factory data reset:

1 settings - SD card,SD Cardphone storage - Factory data reset (notes:different operating phones get different location for Factory data reset) in the settings)

2 Choose "wipe date" from the recovery mode, press "Home" and "Hangup" simultaneously to enter the recovery mode

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