Monday, 16 July 2012

How to Solve Partial Process Stop Suddenly Problem

When we are using the android smartphone,you may come cross the problem which exit in the picture. So what you are gonna to do with problems? here below list 13 common exiting problems. They tell the information what is  the wrong and how to make it right. Hope it will help when you are in front of them.

1 wrong information: progress "" stop suddenly
wrong program: Gtalk
Solution: reinstall the Google Gtalk

2 Wrong search stop suddenly
Wrong program:Google voice research
solution: reinstall voicesearch.apk

3 Wrong information: progress stop suddenly
solution:reinstall voice search.apk
Note:If this exit when you using google voice search after you change the     original browser , then what you have to do is to get the former browser back.

4 Wrong stopped suddenly
Wrong program:background sync data
Solution:settings-data sync-background data sync, exit by the "Home"

5 Wrong stop suddenly
Wrong program:Google map
Solution: uninstall the current map and install the latest version

6 Wrong stop suddenly
Wrong program:electric market
Solution:start the background data, if not work, use the wipe data

7 Wrong stop suddenly
Wrong program: mobile net - CM core
Solution: this is a trouble, flash ROM

8 Wrong information:
Wrong program:setting
Solution:flash ROM

9 Wrong stop suddenly
Wrong program:htc sense
Solution:setting- apps - clear data

10 Wrong stop suddenly
Wrong program:htc background program support
Solution:wipe data

11 Wrong stop suddenly
Wrong program: album
Solution: reinstall the album

12 Wrong stop suddenly
Wrong program: calemdar
Solution: make this \system\app\Calendar.apk back in order

13 Wrong FLO stop suddenly
Wrong program: htc sence interface
Solution: clear data

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