Friday, 6 July 2012

How to recovery your broken SD card on your android phone

Now a lot guys get his/her android phone, for android's open source character, we can install apps as many as possible, we just need a SD card with large storage. But What to do if your SD card is broken? Now I would like to share some experience on how to recovery the broken SD card from some net citizen.Actually it uses the chkdsk order which are based on Windows. Now these following are steps on how to How to recovery your broken SD card.
1 Enter dos, click"start"- "run" - enter "cmd" - Press"enter"

2 Enter this "chkdsk I:/F" in the window you just open in the first step.(I: is your SD icon which shows on computer, insert your SD card in the card reader, then connect it with your computer, /F is recovery parameter)

The specific details you can see below

The volume serial number 7A43-5E237 Windows is checking the files and folders 

The folder \AutonaviData can’t be read 

Finished checking files and folders 

It's about 304904 KB in the 512 recovery files 

Windows finished updating file system 

There is 7,019,212 KB disk space 

It’s 2,192 KB about 413 folders 

It’s 4,750,116 KB about 16,855 folders 

Wrong sector occupies 4 KB 

2,266,896 KB space is available。 

Each allocated unit gets 4,096 bytes 

There are 1,754,803 allocated units on disk 

There are 566,724 useful allocated units on disk

For my windows system is not in English version, so I just explain it with my English way, when you are doing this, the words show on your computer don't have to be the same with what I said. But keep the same meaning. Hope you recovery your broken SD card successfully. 

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